Bespoke Real Estate Redefines Luxury Market with 1% Commission Rate

April 27, 2023

In August 2021, Bespoke Real Estate, a leading luxury real estate firm based in Water Mill, New York, made waves by securing the exclusive rights to sell a contemporary oceanfront home in Wainscott, East Hampton. Founded in 2014 by brothers Cody and Zach Vichinsky, Bespoke has been revolutionizing the industry with its innovative approach and data-driven marketing strategies. The sale of the Wainscott property for $45 million showcased Bespoke’s commitment to exceptional service by reducing the seller’s commission rate to an unprecedented 1%.

Bespoke Real Estate’s success in selling the Wainscott property is attributed to their meticulous research and extensive database of potential buyers. By utilizing data-driven marketing and predictive analysis, the firm targeted individuals with a specific interest in modern homes, expediting the sale process significantly.

A key factor that distinguishes Bespoke Real Estate is their ability to secure exclusive representation of prestigious properties. The Wainscott home, with its iconic design and cameo appearance in HBO’s Succession, attracted affluent buyers seeking luxury in the Hamptons. Bespoke’s reputation and track record solidified their position as the go-to brokerage for exclusive properties in the region.

Bespoke’s decision to reduce the seller’s commission rate to 1% disrupts traditional business models in the luxury real estate market. In an industry where commission rates typically range from 2% to 3%, Bespoke’s move demonstrates their commitment to providing exceptional value to clients while challenging conventional norms.

Bespoke Real Estate’s innovative approach and dedication to excellence have elevated them to the forefront of the luxury real estate market. Their data-driven marketing strategies, combined with exclusive representation and a reduced commission rate, have set a new standard for high-end property transactions in the Hamptons.

Conclusion: Bespoke Real Estate’s success in selling the Wainscott property exemplifies their dedication to delivering exceptional results for clients. Founded by Cody and Zach Vichinsky, the firm’s innovative strategies and reduced commission rate have redefined industry standards, setting a new benchmark for luxury real estate transactions. As Bespoke continues to innovate, their impact on the luxury real estate market will be felt for years to come.

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