Aviator Nation Soars to New York City: Founder Paige Mycoskie Unveils Flagship Store in Soho

April 27, 2024

Aviator Nation, the brainchild of entrepreneur Paige Mycoskie, is embarking on a bold new venture with the opening of its first permanent storefront in New York City’s vibrant Soho neighborhood. Mycoskie, known for her passion for surf-inspired fashion, is bringing her unique brand ethos and retro designs to the bustling streets of Manhattan, promising customers an unforgettable shopping experience infused with local artistry and cultural influences.

Founder’s Vision:

Paige Mycoskie’s journey from launching Aviator Nation as a passion project to establishing it as a renowned clothing brand has been marked by her unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity. With 17 locations across the U.S., Mycoskie has cultivated a dedicated following drawn to Aviator Nation’s retro aesthetic and emphasis on craftsmanship.

The Soho Storefront:

Nestled amidst iconic fashion brands, Aviator Nation’s flagship store at 93 Mercer St. represents a significant milestone for the brand. Mycoskie envisions the 2,700-square-foot space as a tribute to New York’s vibrant arts scene, with nods to local talent and cultural icons like Madonna. The store’s design will embody the brand’s ethos while offering customers a unique shopping environment infused with creativity and nostalgia.

A Tribute to Madonna:

Inspired by the legendary pop icon Madonna, who embodies the spirit of New York City, Aviator Nation’s Soho store will feature elements that pay homage to her influence on the city’s cultural landscape. While specifics of the tribute remain under wraps, customers can anticipate a tasteful integration of Madonna’s legacy into the store’s ambiance and design, adding an extra layer of allure to the shopping experience.

Community Engagement:

In line with Aviator Nation’s commitment to supporting local talent, the flagship store will include a record wall showcasing a curated selection of albums from New York artists. This initiative not only adds a musical dimension to the store but also underscores Mycoskie’s dedication to fostering community connections and celebrating the city’s diverse artistic heritage.

Reflecting on Success:

As Aviator Nation expands its footprint to New York City, Paige Mycoskie remains steadfast in her dedication to the brand’s core values of authenticity and creativity. The Soho flagship store represents more than just a retail space; it’s a testament to Mycoskie’s entrepreneurial spirit and her vision of bringing surf-inspired fashion to a broader audience while staying true to the brand’s roots.


Aviator Nation’s foray into New York City’s fashion scene signals a new chapter in its journey, guided by Paige Mycoskie’s vision and passion for authenticity. With its Soho flagship store poised to become a cultural hub, the brand continues to champion local talent and deliver a shopping experience that transcends fashion. As Mycoskie’s entrepreneurial odyssey unfolds, Aviator Nation’s expansion underscores the enduring appeal of creativity and community in the fashion industry.

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