Fearless Fund Secures Major Investment Boost from Bank of America, Costco, and Mastercard

April 27, 2024

Fearless Fund, a venture capital firm dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs of color, has achieved a significant milestone with a multimillion-dollar follow-on investment for its second fund. This round of investment, led by prominent names like Bank of America, Costco, and Mastercard, underscores the confidence in Fearless Fund’s mission and the potential of its portfolio companies. With all initial limited partners reinvesting, the fund’s strong track record is further validated.

Fearless Fund’s Founding and Purpose:

Established in 2019 by Arian Simone, Keshia Knight Pulliam, and Ayana Parsons, Fearless Fund was created to address the funding gap faced by women of color entrepreneurs in their early-stage ventures. By offering financial support and strategic guidance, Fearless Fund aims to empower these underrepresented founders and foster diversity and inclusion within the startup ecosystem.

The Founders Fund Portfolio:

Fearless Fund’s commitment to investing in early-stage consumer and technology startups led by women of color has resulted in a remarkable portfolio. Notable companies within their portfolio include:

  1. Partake Foods: A company specializing in allergen-free snacks, founded by Denise Woodard, driven by her daughter’s food allergies.
  2. Slutty Vegan: A popular plant-based fast-food concept by Pinky Cole, dedicated to making vegan food accessible and enticing.
  3. Bread Beauty: Founded by Maeva Heim, Bread Beauty is a haircare brand celebrating the diverse beauty of textured and curly hair.

Impact and Growth:

Fearless Fund’s dedication to supporting women of color entrepreneurs has yielded positive outcomes, addressing funding disparities and fostering economic empowerment. The recent follow-on investment from Bank of America, Costco, and Mastercard highlights their trust in Fearless Fund’s vision and the potential of its portfolio companies, indicating a growing acknowledgment of diversity and inclusion in the startup landscape.

Looking Ahead:

With robust investor support, Fearless Fund is poised to continue its mission of advancing diversity and inclusion in entrepreneurship. This investment infusion will equip the fund with resources to identify and nurture promising startups led by women of color, enabling them to flourish and create significant impacts in their industries. Fearless Fund’s success serves as both inspiration and a driver for positive change in the venture capital ecosystem, paving the way for a more inclusive startup landscape.


Fearless Fund’s multimillion-dollar follow-on investment from Bank of America, Costco, and Mastercard signals a significant endorsement of its mission and the potential of women of color entrepreneurs. As it continues to empower underrepresented founders and foster diversity in the startup ecosystem, Fearless Fund stands as a beacon of change, driving inclusivity and innovation in the entrepreneurial landscape.

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