Bespoke Real Estate Shakes Up Luxury Market with Bold Commission Cut

April 27, 2023

In August 2021, Bespoke Real Estate, a renowned luxury real estate firm based in Water Mill, New York, made waves in the industry by securing the exclusive rights to represent a contemporary oceanfront residence in Wainscott, East Hampton. This milestone transaction, valued at $45 million, showcased Bespoke’s mastery of the luxury market and its commitment to innovation.

At the helm of Bespoke are brothers Cody and Zach Vichinsky, who have established themselves as visionaries in the industry since founding the firm in 2014. Their data-driven marketing approach, fueled by meticulous research and predictive analysis, ensures that each property is showcased to the right audience, maximizing its appeal and value.

One transaction, in particular, drew widespread attention for Bespoke: the decision to slash the seller’s commission rate to an unprecedented 1%. This bold move, contrary to the industry norm of 2% to 3%, underscored Bespoke’s dedication to transparency and fair business practices.

The sale of the Wainscott property, with Cody Vichinsky representing both the buyer and seller, exemplified the success of Bespoke’s approach. Beyond financial gains, the transaction showcased the firm’s ability to create mutually beneficial outcomes for all parties involved, solidifying its reputation as a leader in the luxury real estate market.

Conclusion: Bespoke Real Estate’s innovative marketing strategies and commitment to fair business practices have redefined the luxury real estate landscape. By pioneering a new approach to commission rates and leveraging data-driven insights, the firm has set a new standard for excellence in the industry. As Cody and Zach Vichinsky continue to lead Bespoke into the future, the firm remains a beacon of innovation and integrity in high-end real estate.

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